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Our brand has changed to demonstrate our new era, more mature and even more focused on offering a scalable product with a high level of service.

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Access the Brazilian payment market

Fast, diverse, safe and has no hidden fees or costs.


I Need to Pay via instant bank transfer (PIX) or traditional bank transfer (TED)

Count on our experience in instant and traditional bank transfers via API to streamers, affiliates, freelancers, courier people, employees, sellers and make refunds in Brazil. We are a payment fintech specialist in instant payments (PIX) and combine different modular solutions to meet the needs of each segment. We focus on payment conversion and have the best processes for handling rejected payments. Pay using Pix in a simple way and take that load off your back office, optimizing your team's time.

We take care of the whole payment and transactional flow including the currency conversion through a licensed FX institution.

I Need to Collect funds in Brazil

Collect fundsinstantly via Pix or boleto (bar code slip), make recurring charges, manage your receipts, generate payment link, customize interfaces. With a single integration via API, you get access to our billing solutions in both Pix and slips. It's simple and uncomplicated.

We take care of the whole payment and transactional flow including the currency conversion through a licensed FX institution.

I Need to Manage

With our payment solutions and dashboard you view payment status in real time on screen or via download, customize filters, extract 100% conciliated payment reports. Choose between managing through our Dashboard or API and forget about questions and changes in payment status. Our API will always show you the actual final status of the process.

I Need to Optimize

Collect and validate bank data and reduce the risk of transfers to invalid or blocked bank accounts. Reduce the load of your backoffice. Choose the payment flow that best suits your business.
Features and benefits


  • Check your balance and payment status in real time in the dashboard.
  • Create customizable reports.
  • Download payments slips confirmation for all your transactions.
  • Upload the payment instructions via Excel file.
  • Create access levels for your operational team with different permissions.
  • Increase access security and enable two-factor authentication.

Automatic and daily conciliation

Decomplicate your reconciliation process with visual reports. Our system does the meticulous work for you to increase the efficiency of managing your payments.

  • Apply custom filters and choose columns you want to view.
  • Quickly identify the final statuses of the payment process.
  • Go into detail and access the processing history of each order.
  • All payments are 100% reconciled. The final statuses are really final.
  • See reconciliation via API or dashboard.
Made for developers

We work with different integrations so your teams don't need to put different systems together or spend months integrating payment functionality.

We believe that APIs should have quick and easy interactions.

Coming Soon
Integrate quickly using our SDK.
Node, PHP e GoLang.
Coming Soon
Built-it Integrations
Integrate your business with WePayOut through platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and others.
Schedule a demo with our time to see how our APIs work.
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const request = request('request')

const options = {
method: 'POST',
url: 'https://api.wepayout.co/v1/payment',
headers: {
'cache-control': 'no-cache',
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'api-key': '123'
body: {
amount: '1000.00',
usd_amount: 200,
currency: 'BRL',
custom_code: 'YOURAPPCODE',
notification_url: 'https://your-application/receive-wepayout-notifications',
beneficiary: {
name: 'The Name',
bank_code: '237',
bank_branch: '3101',
account: '1121214',
account_digit: 'P',
document: '12533009091',
document_type: 'cpf'
json: true

request(options, function(error, response, body) {
if (error) throw new Error(error)


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Who we are

WePayOut is a brazilian fintech specializing in instant payments.

It is an eFX | payment institution that makes payments and collections on behalf of third parties.

WePayOut was founded by professionals with several years of experience in the national and crossborder payments industry and specializes in operations involving high quantity of payments.

The industry's extensive know-how, the product, the service, the technology and the values employed in the solution led WePayOut to build a technological product focused on increasing conversion rates of payments and customer experience satisfaction.

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