Mass Cross-Border payout solution for Brazil via

Fast, diverse, safe and has no hidden fees or costs.

Manage all products through an intuitive panel, focused on the daily operation.
Balance and transaction reports.
Two-factor authentication.

Pay via traditional bank transfers or Instant payments - PIX

Same integration. More means to credit the payees bank accounts

Money exchange though a variety of bank partners

WePayOut connects you to several FX banks through a single integration, a single onboarding and a single compliance process. Redundancy guarantees that your operation will have the way that suits you better and the continuity you need

Bank data validation

Qualify and verify bank data before processing the payments. Higher conversion rates and less customer service enquiries.

E-wallet with integrated KYC

Pay to the WePayOut e-wallet. The digital accounts are opened instantly through a simple, intelligent and safe KYC.

Features and benefits


Check your account balance and payment status in real time on the dashboard. Create customizable reports, download payments confirmation receipts or upload new payment instructions

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Set different access levels for your operating team with different permission levels.

Customizable payment receipt

Add your logo and customize messages. More information for por payee, less customer service enquiries

Automatic and daily reconciliation

100% of payments are reconciled. The payments status are always updated so you have no risk of account balance exposure.

Made for developers

We work with different integrations so your teams don't need to put different systems together or spend months integrating payment functionality.

We believe that APIs should have quick and easy interactions.

Coming Soon
Integrate quickly using our SDK.
Node, PHP e GoLang.
Coming Soon
Built-it Integrations
Integrate your business with WePayOut through platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and others.
Schedule a demo with our time to see how our APIs work.
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const request = request('request')

const options = {
method: 'POST',
url: '',
headers: {
'cache-control': 'no-cache',
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'api-key': '123'
body: {
amount: '1000.00',
usd_amount: 200,
currency: 'BRL',
custom_code: 'YOURAPPCODE',
notification_url: 'https://your-application/receive-wepayout-notifications',
beneficiary: {
name: 'The Name',
bank_code: '237',
bank_branch: '3101',
account: '1121214',
account_digit: 'P',
document: '12533009091',
document_type: 'cpf'
json: true

request(options, function(error, response, body) {
if (error) throw new Error(error)


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Who we are

We are a fintech specialized in cross border mass payouts. With API or dashboard integration, you choose how to pay your beneficiaries through a variety of payment methods. We take care of the whole financial flow, money exchange and credit to the payees

WePayOut was founded by professionals with many years of experience in the national and cross–border payment industries.

With extensive industry know-how, there is a focus on creating the best solution for our customers. An extremely motivated team has led WePayOut to build a diverse and technological product focused on client experience satisfaction.

With operations based in ethics, quality and transparency, we seek sustainable growth, establishing win-win relatioinships to both customers and employees.

team spirit
Fernanda Zago
Strategic Partnership and Business Development
More than 20 years’ of professional experience and 10 in the cross border payments sector working as country manager for multinational companies where was responsible for the structure of such operations in the Brazilian market.

She was responsible for the development of the business infrastructure, shaping the best legal and operational model, creating a network of strategic partners such as foreign exchange banks, commercial banks, acquirers, legal and strategic consultants.

She was a pioneer in Brazil in the development of the solutions currently applied to WePayOut.

Graduated in business administration from FAE Business School in Curitiba, she has international experience in Australia (certificate in business and marketing), Italy and England.

Apply quality and articulation to the business infrastructure, building win-win partnerships with strategic players, creating an ecosystem that promotes a free flow of information and makes business last
Matheus Nunes
Research and Development
Graduated in Computer Science at PUC PR, he is one of those IT professionals in constant evolution. He never stopped studying and today his main areas of study are system architecture and agile team management.

He started developing software at the age of 16. Has now 14 years of professional experience in the market, which brought a passion for the development of robust and secure systems.

Having experience in systems development at local and national level, for public and private companies, he believes that the documentation and architecture of the software should go hand in hand, bringing updates and benefits in real time to customers. Acted as a technical leader in the teams he has worked with since 2013 and since 2018 he has been a manager of product and development teams.

Likes to use modern tools and techniques for team management and product development.

Deployed MVP concepts and Agile techniques at WePayOut.
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