We know that getting lost with all the payments to third parties can be common. We've all been there. But what if you had some help with this financial problem? Have you ever thought of paying only once, instead of making every single payment?  

Imagine yourself using the hours you spend with payments to third parties thinking about strategies, analysis and other areas of the company.

Are you interested? We'll help you.

About us 

We are a payment institution regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil to make payments and collections on behalf of third parties. Created by a team with extensive experience in the national and cross border payment industry (the term used to define all operations that go beyond the physical boundaries of a country, such as the import and export market).

The first important issue is information security: our platform protocols are established by the OWASP Foundation, the highest authority on system security standards. We have automated processes and setups at both technical and operational levels that inhibit data manipulation and prevent errors from occurring in payment processing. 

We keep your funds in a well-known Brazilian settlement bank, separating third party funds from our own funds.

In addition, our experienced team is always looking for ways to maximize our solution for customers. 

With transparency, ethics, and quality, we guarantee a high level of service. 

How can we help you? 

We are a platform that will pay your obligations on the specified dates, without delay and with total security and transparency.

All you have to do is integrate with our system or send a .xls file with the payment list, deposit the funds in our account and nothing else. Our system will do the boring part.

WePayOut make payments through bank transfer. The final beneficiaries do not even need to have a bank account, they can withdraw the money from one of the more than 15,000 points spread across Brazil.

All done quickly and transparently.

All this with individual and customizable payment receipts, together with real-time reports through API or panel to simplify the management of your business.

What are the advantages of choosing WePayOut? 

Automating payments allows the company more time to act in a more strategic and analytical way, such as making decisions that directly impact the business results or with researchs to optimize the service offered.

We simplify data sharing, we don’t hide fees or costs, we perform the currency exchange and you will know all the steps of the process.

In addition, payments made through our system are fully traceable, allowing the company to track information in real-time with receipts and reconciliations in one place for verification.

With our solutions and the automation of the process, operational errors are drastically reduced.

All you need is the goal of making the payments to third parties more clearly.

The financial market is rapidly moving towards automation, why not take a step forward? You can start by registering with WePayOut and trying out the payment automation solutions offered by our company: