Cash pick-up: over 15,000 points throughout Brazil for your client to collect their payments

We want to introduce you to our new product: Cash Pick-up. The proposal is to offer a payment opportunity to those who are unbanked or to solve the problem with incorrect bank details. After all, despite modernization introduced by digital banking solutions and digital portfolios, there are still many Brazilians who are unbanked or have difficulty accessing withdrawal points.

Proof of this is the survey of 2019 of the Instituto Locomotiva. The study shows that Brazil has 45 million people with no bank account, or who have not made any transactions in the last six months.

This is a difficulty for companies, which have serious problems paying end beneficiaries who do not have bank accounts or who prefer to receive in cash, and this can generate high levels of rejected or unsuccessful payments.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of fintech, such as WePayOut, to offer a diversified payment solution to third parties. This is the case with our new product: Cash pick-up.

What is Cash pick-up

Cash pick-up is part of WePayOut's purpose: "to offer diversified ways to pay end beneficiaries", bringing flexibility and freedom to companies that process many payments to third parties. With this solution, it is possible to make payments to third parties for cash withdrawal. This withdrawal can be made in any of the more than 15,000 lottery stores nationwide. And this is very important, considering that two out of every five Brazilian cities have no bank branch.

Payment instructions can be made via API integration or the WePayOut Dashboard. Check out some Cash Pick-up features:

  • The token with withdrawal instructions is sent through the system;
  • It is also possible to perform customer management and authorize multiple withdrawals by CPF (individual taxpayer registry identification), for amounts over R$ 1000,00 (one thousand Reais);
  • And better: payment instructions can be made every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

What the recipient will be required to do to receive

The procedure is quite simple! When he arrives at the agency, he must give the withdrawal and agreement information offered by us and present the CPF. The recipient then enters the transaction numbers, code and token. Then, all that is needed is to receive the amount, withdraw the receipt, and that's it! 

Take the opportunity to learn more about our solution for bank information validation__.

Are you interested in learning more?

The new financial market will only have room for companies that provide complete solutions. WePayOut prides itself on working to simplify the day to day of its clients, providing more freedom to pay the final beneficiaries and ensuring they have time available to focus on the development of their business. 

Cash pick-up is here to solve, without complication, the payment of those who have no bank account, or difficulty in finding withdrawal points. And when WePayOut says it is a complete solution for payments to third parties, suppliers, or chargebacks, it's true. With a single transfer to WePayOut, we pay all beneficiaries in different ways. All of them!

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