WePayOut: how Decolar has streamlined refund processing and avoided contacting customers to collect bank details

A technological, automated, and intelligent system can solve several problems related to the routine of customer payments. In this post, you will discover how WePayOut helped Decolar by streamlining the refund processing system and solve its principal problem of collecting bank data to process the refunds.  

WePayOut is a Brazilian fintech company specializing in high-volume third-party payments, with many years of experience in the bulk payments industry and a pioneer in the Brazilian market offering this solution to businesses. 

The payment system from WePayOut was fundamental in solving a problem in the payments routine at Decolar. It is one of the largest online travel agencies in Latin America, which offers complete travel services anywhere in the world. 

Decolar, one of the major Brazilian online travel agencies, is currently partnered with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels, allowing thousands of customers to purchase travel packages online. 

The need that drove Decolar to WePayOut 

Decolar was experiencing a high volume of refunds due to the pandemic and taxes imposed by the government. However, the company could not find a flexible solution to the refund processing offered by more conventional payment methods. 

Decolar decided to enlist the WePayOut solution to streamline refunds by ensuring the collection of bank details was taken care of. The initial question was to learn if the automation process would adapt to the need, originating the contact between the companies. Then, WePayOut provided the assurance of conducting a test before Decolar hired the solution for high-volume payments. 

The results Decolar achieved with WePayOut solutions  

Decolar could speed up the high volume of refunds and make some of them instantaneous with payment via Pix.  

One of the issues that allowed for more than satisfactory results was that the WePayout system eliminates the need for Decolar to contact customers and request bank details. This is due to the payment flow that includes automated contact with customers and the retry payment. 

Decolar has streamlined its payment routine with automated contact using our tool and increased its conversion rate. When asked if they would recommend WePayOut to others, they replied: 


Most definitely, for any company needing to manage refunds in an agile and practical way, while not necessarily having their customers' bank details. Those who want to be sure at what point in the process each case is (payment status) and even need some ad hoc procedure or adjustment to their business”. 

WePayOut Features 

One of our strengths is understanding the main challenges and opportunities to improve the payment routine of each client, offering a tailored solution. Our entire sales process is conducted in a consultative manner assuring speedy implementation within a few days. 

Our payment system seeks to adapt to different strategies. With features applied to focus on the problems identified and ensure the expected results.  

Thus, businesses have a positive experience with a payment system designed to streamline their internal procedures to ensure more payments reach the end beneficiaries.      

Contact one of our experts to find out more about how WePayOut can help your business. 

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