James Delivery relies on WePayOut’s Prepayment Banking Information Validation

To avoid errors in transfers to partner couriers, stores and restaurants, James Delivery needed a solution to check all recipients' bank data before payment. The validation of the information, a fast payment response, and operational costs made WePayOut part of this transformation in the financial obligations of James Delivery.   

In this post, we will share with you a successful case of our partnership with one of the fastest growing companies in the Brazilian delivery market, James Delivery. 

“The preliminary spreadsheets, with the bank details of the couriers that would be paid, and the validation process of the bank details, were fundamental for the operation of the company. It became even more reliable to the partners, minimizing errors and failures in the transactions”. Check it out: 

James Delivery

Created in 2016, the application was born with the idea to be more than just a food delivery, but also to deliver all kinds of shopping, from stores to supermarkets and petshops. 

James Delivery is present in 25 cities among the five regions of Brazil. After the investment of GPA, the company has grown 15 times more. The team of only 18 people, now consists of hundreds of employees throughout the country. Such growth in the operation required the company to find solutions to handle the payroll of all employees. 

The solution 

To avoid errors in transfers to partner couriers, shops and restaurants, James Delivery needed a service to help them check the recipients bank data information before processing the payment as qite a few payments were being rejected leading to enquiries and discontentment of the courier partners. The validation of information, fast payment transactions and attractive pricing, made WePayOut part of this transformation to James Delivery's financial obligations. 

*"First and foremost, we were looking for a reliable, easy-to-use tool, with an attractive price. With the WePayOut Information Validation feature, we could check the Bank Details provided by our James courriers partners in advance, by batch via spreadsheet. When problems occurred, we were able to correct them prior to the courier becoming active on our platform, resulting in less conflicts with them"* explains Patrick Winnikes, Head of Outsourcing Logistics Operations. 

“From the start, the trust relationship was established, perfectly aligning the expectations of both sides. Our main bottleneck is still to automate a few procedures and the WePayOut team has served us extremely well in the current demands with batch submission through spreadsheets and has reassured us about the future with API integration," adds Patrick. 

More about the partnership 

Patrick Winnikes reinforces the recommendation of the product: "The results obtained, so far, have been successful and consistent with our expectations and reality. [...] We gained the confidence of those involved with our James Onboarding Partner Courier. The financial conflicts we had before, by wrong Bank Details, or with some restrictions to the accounts, no longer exist since all validation is anticipated and with very fast return"

The humanization and customization in the services, being actually present in all our onboarding, with support and assistance for decision making, and then, in using the tool with no trouble, surprised us positively throughout this context. 

WePayOut offers multiple solutions for mass payments in one single tool, with integration via API, Excel or customized. With our solutions, you can make payments instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays; with a PIX environment, improving the experience of your payees. 

With the Bank Information Validation tool, your payment procedure becomes easier, faster, more efficient and assertive. Register below to learn more about this product:


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