Skillcore and WePayOut – partners in professionalism

Skillcore is a Brazilian startup that operates in the esports segment and has developed a creative solution to engage the community and create a win-win product.  

Who is SkillCore? What is their primary payment needs, and how was WePayOut chosen to supply these demands? Check out more of this story! 

The Company 

With the growth of the esports market, several professional and amateur leagues started to be promoted online. 

Many companies, afraid to access the market irregularly, push the industry to the margins of professionalism

With this vision, Skillcore developed a solution that, by crowdfunding, can use community engagement as the primary key to esports structured growth and work legally in the Brazilian market

 Any league, tournament organizer, or even a game developer can be part of SkillCore. The platform is particularly beneficial for professional and amateur esports communities. 

By setting tournament prize pools, players can transparently keep track of their earnings, knowing that they will only compete once the tournament reaches the announced amount. Otherwise, they will be refunded

In addition to registrations, the tournaments benefit from donations received from the community and investment through sponsorships.  

The use of payouts 

In this industry, there are frequent cases where teams are awarded late or do not receive their prizes.  It ends up discrediting the leagues and discouraging new players from turning professional. Skillcore did not want to be part of these statistics.   

With this in mind, the company started using all WePayOut solutions for payments to third parties. Among the benefits, they emphasize how rapidly their users receive payments with the WePayOut solution: 

"We have long searched for a solution that could automate our payout procedures. We found in WePayOut, the ideal partner to make this as practical as possible by integrating their payment solution into our system and streamline it for our users to receive payments to their accounts in record time”. 

WePayOut provides easy and fast payments to third parties, offering transparency and credibility to companies. The mission and values were fundamental to the choice made by Skillcore: 

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