By managing processes, I realized that often there are unfamiliar losses. These are "hidden" in old, unmapped procedures. These inefficiencies do not serve the company nor internal and external customers, and they regularly end up generating rework, team energy waste, and manual labor. By seeking efficiency in internal processes we save time and money and can focus on what really matters to the company.

In this article, I will talk about how large companies can find a viable and more efficient alternative for carrying out internal procedures that are unrelated to their core business.

The need to focus on the company's core business

The term core business is well known throughout the business world. Companies are currently focusing all their efforts on their strategic procedures as a lever for growth.

Therefore, companies will increasingly focus on what represents their competitive advantage. This is based on vital factors such as customers, products, markets, and especially technology.

Some companies have already moved forward and are offering some interesting and real partnership examples to the business world. We will talk about one of these cases that is worth highlighting.

The partnership between EuNerd and Tok&Stok

A good example is the startup EuNerd and Tok&Stok partnership. In an interview with Exame (brazilian news website), Tok&Stok's IT manager, Fabio Panfieti, said the company was losing operational efficiency. As well as struggling with standardization of services.

According to Fabio, the cause of the problems was in having several suppliers. As a result, they had a rather high cost and suffered from the variation in workforce quality.

As a strategic solution, Tok&Stok decided to centralize its IT services with EuNerd and focus on its core business.

Also, according to Tok&Stok's support manager, in partnering with EuNerd, the company has already achieved a 63% increase in operational efficiency and reduced its costs by 39%.

The startup is working on providing specialized solutions in the IT industry for its customers. It is a platform that manages a network of more than 20,000 IT technicians with several companies that need services in the field.

As a result, it can offer "autonomous and differentiated work proposals" to IT professionals.

The success of this partnership is bound to grow. In 2019, the startup was able to meet demands in Tok&Stok stores in 43 cities. A well-defined strategy is a key to success. Focusing on what you need, and often sharing processes with other companies that focus on something you are not an expert. In turn, this can generate savings and increase your company's profits by being more efficient.

 How does WePayOut operate in this partnership context?

WePayOut is a fintech that offers a new way to manage payments to third parties in Brazil, and cross-border payments to Brazil. With our platform, you gain time because everything is automated. From validating bank accounts to generating real-time reports to analyze recurring behavior in payments.

Hence, the department which would manually handle all these procedures will only monitor the operations through a simple and useful panel. The result is noticed in the first months of implementation. And if your company needs this optimization in the procedures, you can begin by scheduling a demonstration of our tool: