How do you track your company's key performance indicators? Depending on the answer, your team may need more information and data. Or, if you already have it, you need a more practical, intuitive, and efficient system. Learn how an administrative dashboard like ours can help streamline your organisation's workflow! 

The idea of a dashboard is simple: to streamline the workflow of those responsible for operating a platform. Usually, all members of a team have access to the dashboard. 

What are the features of an administrative dashboard? 

The information and features arranged in a dashboard will vary depending on the goals of each platform.  

For example, within the payments solution offered by WePayout, you will find a range of specific information centralised in the dashboard, such as: 

  • real-time balance and status of payments 
  • summary of your transaction by date 
  • reconcilable, tailorable reports 
  • receipts for all your transactions 
  • an option to create access levels for your operational team with different permissions 
  • access security and allow for two-factor authentication 

You can choose how you pay or receive money from payees with multiple products and modular solutions that adapt to your business model. 

There are two ways to integrate WePayOut's payment features into your company's internal processes: via API or using the administrative dashboard. 

You can securely and efficiently manage pending payments and receivables through our dashboard. Access to the platform is available every day, all day, including holidays and weekends! 

Why is it important to track your company's results? 

Besides implementing modern solutions for running a business, it is crucial to monitor each result obtained using new technologies that will strengthen your information base. This monitoring allows your team to identify where adjustments are needed and avoid missing deadlines.  

Simply put: a dashboard is an essential tool for centralising important information and overviewing all the processes. So, how about learning more about this and other payment solutions for you? Learn how to register for a free trial of all the features of our platform!