Automating a company's payment routine is essential to ensure streamlined and cost-effective procedures. Through instant payments, you can process high volumes securely and technologically and get instant response. Thus, there will be an optimization of productivity and performance of the back office areas, increasing conversion rates and reducing rework.  

WePayOut is a fintech company specialized in instant payments, a pioneer in offering bulk | API payment solutions using PIX. We always have the future of payments     in mind, seeking to provide the best solution for businesses. 

In this post, you will learn why WePayOut is an instant payments specialist and how this future-oriented view of financial transactions warrants our focus on this model.  


Cash-in and Cash-out 

WePayOut has cash-in (for receiving) and cash-out (for making payments) solutions. These solutions are integrated into one tool to optimize your payments and receipts workflow. 


Our main innovations are linked to our instant payment and billing      (PIX slip with QR Code) solutions using PIX with API integration. We invest in this because, within our customer portfolio, we foresee an extensive migration from conventional methods to the modern payment system created by the Brazilian Central Bank (Bacen). 

WePayOut is aware of the possibilities of replacing traditional payment methods in e-commerce platforms. These include bank slips or credit cards. Thus, WePayOut is focused on ensuring even more speed and security for the receivables via PIX, which are expected to be more frequently used in online stores throughout Brazil and your international business cannot miss such a trend. 

Collection and validation of bank information 

Our e-commerce solutions include receivables and the optimization of refunding customers through fast gathering and validation of bank data. 

A successful case: Decolar and WePayOut solutions 

A technological, automated, and intelligent system can solve multiple problems related to the client's payment routine. You will discover how WePayOut allowed Decolar to streamline its refunds processing and solve its principal problem of collecting bank data to process the claims. 

See how this product positively impacted Decolar's refund process.  

Our solutions meet the needs of both domestic companies and international organizations needing to pay beneficiaries in Brazil. 

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Seeing technology as an ally, WePayOut is a pioneer in solutions to simplify your company's payment     routine. The instant transfers with low error rates are now a reality for our clients. They have modernized their transactions and ensured their credibility in the national and international market. 

Do you want to learn how to benefit from a system focused on instant payments, which promises to increase the speed on decision making,      conversion rates and optimize your company's routine? Check out our White Paper which addresses WePayOut's complete solution: 

WePayOut is working to improve your payments and billing     procedures, investing in intelligent solutions to enhance your customers and beneficiaries' experience, allowing your business routine to focus on the essential tasks. Learn about our services and contact us!