PIX is the new financial service in Brazil. With it, you can send and receive funds at any time or day. This system can also speed up the financial management of large and small companies.  

Check out some tips on how to integrate your business payment process with PIX. Also, discover more PIX benefits for legal entities and take advantage of them. 

What are the benefits of PIX for legal entities? 

There are several PIX benefits for legal entities. PIX provides an alternative for receiving transfers, slip payments, debit or credit cards, and payments to third parties via TED or DOC.  

Now companies can also enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Simplified customer data: transactions are simpler and faster. 
  • Possibility of payments to suppliers and third parties, 24x7, including holidays and weekends. 
  • Cross border payments to Brazil occurring in real-time 
  • Faster confirmation timeframe with D+0 

How to use PIX in your company 

Businesses of different types and sizes can benefit from the advantages that PIX can offer. However, to make this happen, it is necessary to know the features of this resource. Check it below: 

Payments to suppliers 

Improving the management of accounts payable procedures is fundamental for any company, and PIX can contribute to this. By using it, international business can process cross border payments to pay suppliers and third parties 24x7, including weekends and holidays. 

Payment to third parties, such as freelancers, deliverers, or affiliates, can be improved by providing further competitive advantages to international companies. 

WePayOut offers this new instant payment scheme to international companies, adding even more convenience to companies that need to pay a high volume of payments to third parties. System integration is via a dashboard with the upload of an Excel file or via API.   

With a simple wire transfer, your company benefits from instant payments. Start processing PIX payments via dashboard or offer the scheme on your website or check out via API. 


The payment of employees is another great benefit for legal entities when using PIX. With this feature, it is possible to pay personnel salaries individually, through transfers, and the amount is received immediately, as opposed to traditional bank transfers. 

The great advantage of PIX is that it allows for transfers at any time of the week. It, undoubtedly, makes it easier to manage monthly payroll payments. The best thing, the procedure can be done remotely and with just a few clicks. 

You can notice that there are many benefits for legal entities when using PIX. And to take advantage of them, all you must do is integrate this novelty into your payment process. Thus, it will be easier to pay employees, taxes, and even suppliers. Imagine processing such payments in real-time to Brazil? 

WePayOut offers PIX to your company as another means of making your payments and offers all the technology of the payment system of Banco do Brasil to make the routine of your international payments to third parties simpler and more optimized. Besides offering an integrated way a 24x7 payment monitoring system that guarantees that payments will not be duplicated or sent to wrong beneficiaries.  

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