Entrepreneurship, first of all, is made up of experiences, trials, errors, and achievements. There is no other way

Brilliant ideas, incredible planning, and even higher budgets may not be enough if the partners do not have some life experience to be applied in the business. 

These experiences are not always financially positive, but they compensate with much learning and experience.  

But even so, it is essential to learn the lessons to grow and have greater business later.  

Today, we bring some of the visions of our founding partners and the experiences that made WePayOut possible. Check it out now! 

Fernanda Zago – The client is the focus 

Fernanda Zago is responsible for Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at WePayOut. She has a well-defined vision of what is necessary for the success of an enterprise: the client. 

According to Fernanda, client focus should be taken literally. For her, some companies try to, or say they have, focus on the client, but, actually, they focus on the product

Fernanda also believes that it is necessary to specialize in what one does: "Being an expert in what we do increases the quality of the service and the understanding of the solution. The clients sense this specialization in their daily life and when they consume the product or service". 

In-house, transparent management is part of Fernanda's vision of success. Clear values and establishment of relationships where everyone wins.

Eginara Nery – Organization is essential 

For Eginara Nery, Head of Operations at WePayOut, some errors have brought major learning that is currently being applied. 

"Previously, I did many things at the same time, trying to solve everything. This brought me operational errors that generated losses for one of the companies I worked for. With this experience and with studies focused on productivity, I learned to work on the most urgent demands, then the most important, and finally, the daily demands," explains the company's Head of Operations. 

Eginara always wanted fast results. "Today, I realize that everything has its time, and the effort made during a period will be recognized within the correct time, perhaps another period. If this recognition does not come as expected and deserved, then it is necessary to change jobs because meritocracy is the right way to work". 

Eginara assures that having no method is a weakness in any business: "The lack of clear checklists and procedures leads to operational errors. By not having this vision in previous businesses, I made errors that could have been easily avoided”. 

The team becomes very important within a company. Having people with similar goals, and different opinions on the team are essential. 

“At WePayOut, we are in harmony with the company's objectives, and hire people with the same desire to grow, and make a difference within their teams, the company, and the world”. 

She also thinks that process standardization is very important, as well as the search for new methods and concepts, an aspect that is also part of WePayOut. "We use the concept of Minimum Viable Product to accelerate the creation of solutions. Thus, we create, we test, we get it right, or we make mistakes quickly. This makes our company dynamic and gives us the speed that the market needs.” 

Matheus Nunes – Innovation culture 

Matheus Nunes, Research and Development Specialist at WePayOut, also learned important lessons from his experience. 

“It took some time to understand what it means to deliver a product that can be tested on the market. In my early professional career, I participated in the creation of very complex products and did not even validate them with the clients if what was designed met their needs.  Today, I see that there is no product creation process without strong interaction between clients and business specialists. "

Matheus also considers prompt deliveries important, but that the quality must always be superior. "I've spent many nights checking for bugs because the project approach was focused on the delivery date and not on the quality," he says. 

Today, to ensure the delivery date, he prefers to negotiate the scope of delivery, rather than the quality of it. 

Long-lasting business relationships are part of Matheus' life, which he considers to be a key part of his success. "Throughout my career, I developed true and long-lasting working relationships. Today, I am very proud of the network I have built”. 

Like Fernanda, Matheus also feels that the client needs to be more involved in the company's product decisions. "Making the client part of the decision is essential. Software is never 100% ready, and the client should be part of the delivery priorities”. 

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