Technologies are increasingly present in the global and Brazilian financial system. Consumers and businesses find many possibilities online to make banking transactions. But which are the leading digital payment systems? 

In this text, we list two forms of electronic payment that should be used by at least 1/3 of the Brazilian population in the coming years and the advantages of these formats for companies and consumers. 

Online Payment Systems


E-wallets are digital wallets where the user's financial data is stored. Just add the funds and use them in payment transactions. Some of the platforms specialized in the service are Mercado Pago, Pagseguro, Google Wallet, and soon WePayOut's e-wallet. 

E-wallets stand out for the safety of operations, as authentication is required when making transactions and allow moving funds fast by integrating modern and efficient payment methods as PIX, processing individual or mass payments.  

They are even worth it by its digital and secure onboarding process. 


In operation in Brazil since November 16, 2020, PIX is a new payment system created by the Central Bank to make payments and transfers easy. Financial transactions are possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the smartphone or desktop. 

The main advantage of PIX is the instant processing of payments and confirmation of transactions that occur 24x7, any day of the week. 

The convenience for payments is also interesting since there is only the need to enter the PIX key (a code that can be CPF, mobile number, e-mail, or any random sequence) to send the desired amount to the receiver. The bank data can still be used even if the beneficiary has not associated a PIX Key to it. 

PIX is already available with most financial institutions, fintech companies, and payment institutions, through internet banking, your bank's app, e-wallets, or other payment processing services offered by fintech companies, such as WePayOut. 

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The digitalization of financial systems and the creation of new forms of online payments promise to change the consumer's payment habits and optimize corporate payments and receipts

Among the solutions are wallets specialized in payments, the immediate transfer system, PIX, and even payments with encrypted digital currencies, still without many users but with interesting growth potential.  

What will be your company's solution to make payments in a digital, fast, and optimized way? Integration via API or dashboard, optimization of accounts payable routine, timesaving in payments to third parties? You can start by getting to learn about WePayOut: