Discover the new WePayOut Dashboard: more practical and functional

In the world of finance, innovation is to approach technology and, above all, to simplify processes. Thinking about it, WePayOut has just launched a new Dashboard. It concentrates all the products in one sole environment, providing easy navigation and display of information with increased safety.

Why is a functional dashboard important?

The fashionable word on the market is user experience, or "UX". It all revolves around the customer's use of a tool. The essential rule is to be intuitive. 

For this to happen, the dashboard must be self-explanatory. Less manual, fewer guidelines. The customer needs to know what to do. And they need to do it right. To do this, colors, icons, and information need to be arranged in the exact spot, in the right way.

A great dashboard can integrate all essential information in an organized manner, allowing maximum action with minimum clicks. This is the only way to really make the user's work easier.

How does the new WePayOut Dashboard work?

We have made improvements to the WePayOut Dashboard to give the user an enhanced and more comprehensive experience. Our focus was to organize and distribute the information in an easy and straightforward layout. 

The users have access to several filters and search fields that provide a cleaner view and present the information that is relevant to them.

We believe that with information, the user will have a much more productive experience. That is why we have the main shortcuts, the latest news, and information about WePayOut on the home page.

All our features and products can be accessed and operated on a single platform. 

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Uncomplicated reconciliation with more comprehensive and visual reporting

One of the big news is the demonstration of information in a graphical way. With the Dashboard, you can generate and export reports and receipts for all your transactions in PDF, JPG, and Excel formats. Ideal for analytical decision making and for accountability and sending payment receipts to beneficiaries.

You can also track your payment profile, identifying trends and status through graphs.

With our reports and filters, you create your own reconciliation report.

Functionality and safety!

Everything that improves the user experience is positive, adding value to a product, and safety must be aligned with that experience.

For WePayOut, safety is paramount to the development of any product or feature, after all, the subject is financial management. Therefore, this Dashboard version implements validation in two steps.

This is a process that establishes two login steps, one with the default password, the other linking the login to a code generated by Google Authenticator. This way, the system makes sure that the access was made by the person responsible for the account. 

It's not just about products and services. The client expects solutions. And WePayOut is the technological solution for payments to any third party, supporting local processing and demand coming from abroad.

One of the products available on the Dashboard and that you can see in this article is the Bank Information Qualification feature. With it, you can increase the conversion of your payments by more than 90%, gaining more speed to pay the beneficiaries.

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