Why has the pandemic brought problems in payments that need new solutions?

With the covid-19 pandemic came new challenges for businesses. In addition to an unexpected drop in revenue or  increase in operaitons, many organizations found themselves needing to adapt their operations. In the payments and product sectors, it was no different. 

What challenges did companies face in the payments area during the pandemic? What are the solutions for these difficulties, and how have some of these companies reinvented themselves? Check out this post.  

Problems related to the high volume of payments during the pandemic 

Besides a likely drop in revenue, the pandemic brought immediate consequences, like postponements, cancellations, and requests for reimbursements due to suspended events, purchases, and contracts.  

Delays in confirmation, the need to repeat the process, and payment to the wrong account, are only a few of the classic errors of manual and non-tailored payments.  

Besides the inherent difficulties of the pandemic, with challenges never before imaginable, PIX (the instant payment method in Brazil) was recently launched (NOV 2020), and keeping up to date with the new payment method can be a new challenge.  

These difficulties directly impact the company's results and the credibility of its suppliers, customers, and employees. Therefore, it is necessary to pursue efficiency and quickly deliver the best possible product as demanded by the market. 

New solutions for the payment routine 

WePayOut was a forerunner in developing PIX solutions, launching the first third-party bulk payment solution with API integration in December 2020.       

Our tailored instant payment solutions, and the ability to qualify or collect bank details, were designed to add even more efficiency to PIX payments.         

With the arrival of PIX, many companies have migrated their financial operations to the new payment method, but several suppliers have not yet moved to this method.     

Making user-friendly high-volume payments is one of WePayOut's strengths. With our platform, you can handle batch payments or via API, qualify data, and send an instant transaction through PIX. 

WePayOut offers the PIX split (billing via PIX with split payments), which allows you to receive payments and route part of the funds to send payments to partners automatically, with the visualization in sub-wallets.  

Even better, you can become a WePayOut client to test the solution before hiring it. 

In an increasingly demanding market, it is essential to be efficient in internal operations, resulting in the product received by the final consumer. Therefore, it is fundamental to streamline the procedures, like transfers and receipts with PIX. 

Take the opportunity to know more about WePayOut's complete solution. 

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