E-commerce: how does the payment experience impact customer purchases?

E-commerce with reliable and user-friendly payment methods plays a critical role in the user experience and even in increasing sales. More so at this moment when, according to data from ABECS, Brazil's e-commerce has grown by 30%.

Learn more about how the payment experience impacts the customer purchases, and improve your e-commerce.

The impact of the payment method on customer experience

The user experience from the initial interaction to the completion of payment is essential for e-commerce in Brazil. Therefore, it is critical to convey trust, reliability, and reassurance for the customer to purchase.

Any obstacle that hinders the purchase may lead the customer to close the browser window and look for the solution at another e-commerce site. After all, there is still a lot of mistrust in buying online and the cases of fraud and payment failures generate insecurity.

In this context, in addition to providing simple, functional, and pleasant navigation, it is decisive to invest in safe payment methods such as PIX Cash-in. After all, they promote several benefits, such as:


Information security is essential for consumers when shopping online. A survey conducted by Visa in 2020 proved that Brazil is the second country in Latin America with the Brazil's e-commerce has grown by 30%.

When this irregularity is detected, the payment is canceled, and the retailer is the one who loses out. After all, besides losing the merchandise, there are high chances the customer will no longer purchase from e-commerce.

Therefore, customers need to feel confident that e-commerce protects their personal and banking information from being misused. In e-commerce, the only payment method considered efficient should follow these principles:

  • Confidentiality: ensuring that financial data is accessed solely upon customer authorization;
  • Authenticity: information from a specific source is not changeable;
  • Integrity: The original properties of the information and ways of processing are protected.

Therefore, investing in a reliable electronic payment method such as PIX means taking care of the customer's information. After all, access to and manipulation of the data must only be allowed to authorized personnel.


E-commerce customers consider the reliability of payment methods to be a critical aspect of online shopping. According to the Brazilian Retail and Consumer Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Varejo e Consumo) 2020 survey, the primary means of payment used by Brazilians in e-commerces are:

  • 48% use credit cards for payment in installments;
  • 24% use credit cards for prompt payment;
  • 17% use bank slips;

Companies using methods like PIX, for example, convey more confidence. According to the Toluna survey, 81% of Brazilians consider this method safer.


Speed is another factor with an impact on the user experience in e-commerce regarding payment. It is, therefore, worth investing in payment methods that reduce the time to complete the purchase on the site.

Payment methods such as PIX are fast and prevent customers from wasting time with bank transfers, credit card approval, or next business day clearing.

Start using WePayOut's PIX Cash in

Divided into two phases, the new service will start in Brazil, with national payments. In the second phase, we will open the service to cross-border transactions. You can be one of the first to use it, withseveral advantages:

  • Great for swapping the old bank slip (boleto bancário), including the split billing;
  • Prompt payment confirmation.
  • Customizable and tailored checkout.
  • Generation of payment link.
  • QR Code integrated.

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