Why do technology-based companies trust WePayOut payment solutions?

One of a company's biggest concerns is the billings and payments to third parties routine.      

Being up to date with new payment methods, ensuring the maximum conversion rate, simple reconciliation, and efficient procedures are priorities.      

Fortunately, there are specialized solutions for third-party payment and billing management that are up to date with the latest technology and payment methods.  Committed to the efficiency of payments and billings, WePayOut provides services to streamline the high volume of payments.  

Companies that are committed to product and process development can benefit from our solutions. Check below the advantages of acquiring WePayOut solutions and the successful cases. 

 Why do technology-based companies trust WePayOut? 

WePayOut is a financial technology company specializing in national and cross-border payment solutions     . 

 With many years of experience in the mass processing industry, we have a team of experts and pioneers in payment solutions in the domestic market. 

 Our average payment conversion rate is over 97% due to modular tools added to the payment flow, like the validation of bank information. Furthermore, all solutions are based on instant payments and are 100% reconcilable.   

What are the top WePayOut solutions? 

Instant payments, flexible payment flows, and payment split on billings are some of the WePayOut solutions. 

Besides the integration with PIX (the instant payment method in Brazil), which handles bank transfers within 10 seconds, the retry module can be added in case of failure, immediately afterward, via TED or transfer. Customers can also rely on a previous payment validation through a spreadsheet or API integration, avoiding errors in the transactions.  

We guarantee that the impact on payment rejections when migrating from TED to PIX is minimized, with specialized solutions for this instant method.  

These measures resulted from our more than ten months of experience with PIX. We were one of the first to offer bank transfers and billing via PIX and API integration. These solutions guarantee fast payment confirmation, no chargeback risk, and reconciled payments. 

What are the results for WePayOut customers? 

With the market seeking speed and accuracy, there is little room for errors and delays. The consumer desires speed and the companies want promptness in confirming payments and quality in bank reconciliations.      

Companies seek WePayOut's solution to solve this kind of problem. Check the two cases below. 


The lead Brazilian online travel agency needed to refund customers who cancelled their travel packages because of the pandemic. However, their internal procedures were not prepared to handle a high volume of refunds because they lacked bank data as payments were by credit cards.  

Decolar embraced WePayOut's solutions and succeeded in speeding the refunds. The instant payment solution with data collection drastically reduced the workload faced by their back-office departments to solve this problem.  


The lead LATAM food delivery app, Cornershop needed an agile tool for a high-volume payment routine. The company used a traditional bank platform creating high costs and a "small" and not very flexible payment turn-over. 

By becoming WePayOut's client, Cornershop can now rely on an easily manageable platform, a highly tailored and affordable product. Therefore, the company achieved a significant cost reduction within a short time. 

Also, learn about James Delivery's results with WePayOut. 

Our team is committed to innovation and seeks to deliver a complete experience with speed, efficiency, and convenience. Thus, we can guarantee customer satisfaction and credibility among partners.

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