Pay your beneficiaries instantly in Brazil with API integration

PIX is a payment method that is now part of the financial routine for people and companies in Brazil. To make this process even more effective, WePayOut has developed an API with PIX payment integration that allows you to bulk pay beneficiaries in a few seconds and receive instant confirmation as well.

Learn more about how this new WePayOut service works and the benefits it can provide to your company when paying beneficiaries in Brazil. Learn more!

PIX in companies

Receiving and making payments to beneficiaries and suppliers is one of the main features of PIX for companies.

The Central Bank payment method also allows 24-hour banking transactions. Furthermore, payment processing takes as little as 10 seconds.

When you integrate PIX via API with tools like WePayOut's, payment submissions are made at any time while they are processed and confirmed in real-time. It undoubtedly makes mass payment more agile and efficient.

Pay beneficiary with PIX and API integration

The principal purpose of integrating PIX payments with the API is to ensure fast processing and data protection. It also avoids duplicate payments being processed and ensures that the confirmation status of payments is immediate.

Learn more about the benefits of this tool below:

Enhance your payment management

By devoting more time to managing payments, instead of the management of your business can be detrimental to your company and damage its performance. Therefore, it is worth investing in a specialized cross-border-high-volume third-party payment management that relies on technological and safe solutions for instant payments.

Through the API integration with the WePayOut platform, you can send payment requests, receive feedback on status, cancel pending payments, and most importantly, pay and receive payment status any day of the week, 24 hours a day. Also, on our platform, you can:

  • Validate bank information
  • Generate management reports via unique dashboard
  • Generate and write-off payment slips
  • Receive payment status updates in real time
  • Process cross-border payments instantly

Monitoring via Dashboard

Effective financial management and control involve analyzing payments and identifying trends to make procedures more efficient.

In our dashboard, users can view graphs, generate reports with customizable filters, notifications, and export data to Excel or csv. It makes it easier to analyze payments and monitor their flow.

Discover the API integration for PIX payments of WePayOut

WePayOut has developed the ideal solution for your company by integrating the payment system via PIX to final beneficiaries. With this tool, customers can make payments cross-border payments instantly to employees, suppliers, freelancers, among others.

Meet the customers who have already approved our payment solutions via PIX and Bank Transfer.

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