Instant payments, any day and time, without the need to type all the bank detailsPix has brought many advantages to businesses and people, and WePayOut wants to add even more features to this model. 

Pix Billing is now available. It integrates WePayOut services in PIX transactions for receiving and paying. The solution will be applied first only for national transfers, and later it will include international transactions. But how will it work? Check all the details in the post. 

The concept 

Pix (Pix is the new Instant payment method in Brazil), has already changed the financial transaction habits of many people and businesses. It substituted the bureaucracy for easy and fast, setting the financial digital transformation

As a fintech, aware of market news and willing to make payments and billing operations easier and faster for companies, WePayOut offers Pix integrated services, ensuring the efficiency and security of payments

The solution 

Besides Pix, you can have all the other WePayOut solutions at the same time. It includes features like an administrative panel, integration via API or panel, immediate payment confirmation, payment link generation and the use of QR code for collecting payments.  

Customers can receive the link or PDF of the payments to be made via Pix, and the QR code will be released so you can receive the transfer at the same time.  

All this without losing the WePayOut facilities you are familiar with, such as bulk payments and dashboard for payment monitoring and reporting.  

Pix Billing will initially be offered only for domestic transactions. Another advance guaranteed by us focused on the efficiency of the financial operation of your company. 


With Pix, all payments and transfers have become simpler, and companies can spend less time on financial transactions. This solution from the Central Bank of Brazil has reduced the bureaucracy of transactions and made the financial environment even more digital. 

WePayOut is already part of the digital payment environment and adds even more benefits to this solution. It includes bulk payments, payment customization and the possibility to receive and pay at the same time with Pix. All the services you are already familiar with integrated to Pix. 

If you want to know a little more about other possibilities to simplify your company's finances, learn more about our solutions

About Us 

WePayOut is a payment fintech, which manages large volumes of payments to third parties through a technological, secure and diversified solution.