Payment reconciliations become increasingly complex as new partnerships, recruitment, and different consumer habits advance. Therefore, it is essential to maintain an efficient transaction flow. A centralized payment processor significantly help this process. 

In this post, we will discuss the benefits for your business of combining the payment and billing procedures with one provider and how WePayOut can solve your problems! 

How a payment processor works? 


With several payments to be made to partners, freelancers and suppliers, companies currently resort to payment processors to lower costs with transfers and errors in these operations. 

The role of the facilitator is to gather the data to handle these payments, besides preparing billing slips and transferring resources from these receivables to third parties. 

It allows the business to lower operating costs, reduce payment rework, relieve the burden on the service department, and avoid legal problems involving delays not foreseen in the contract. 


The role of an international payment processor is to provide the integration of national and international payment services, handle bulk payments, and be authorized to bill on behalf of third parties.  

Another benefit offered by payment processors is a broader option in billing methods, simplifying the process for your clients and increasing the number of sales for your business. 

Thus, these solutions provide flexibility and speed to billings. And thereby increases conversion and consequently the turnover of the companies served. 


WePayOut is a Brazilian fintech company that specializes in high-volume instant payments and provides payouts and billing solutions. It offers bank information validation, custom payment, and automation of bulk payments. 

Payments and billings are settled via PIX for billing, a QR code is made available to the payer for bank debit or Boleto, a cash/debit payment via bank slip.

Among the key advantages of joining WePayOut solutions is the opportunity to track all payments in real-time. You can check the information in spreadsheets or integration via API. 

You can have solutions as payments and qualification tool in one flow, increasing conversion or you can tailor the slips and send tailored payments to your beneficiaries. All transactions are concluded within seconds. 

If your business operates in the international market, we also handle payments for partners abroad, with the same efficiency and speed, ensuring the organization's credibility abroad. 

With WePayOut processing, your business can dedicate its efforts to its products or services. We guarantee security, efficiency, and convenience in your operations, regardless of the payment methods. 

We are committed to your payment and receipt responsibilities, ensuring the quality of the products, services, and overall service provided. Subscribe and receive our commercial contact for more information: