Speed and safety were determining factors for Quadritech to choose the WePayOut’s Split Billing.

Even with several technological innovations, businesses cannot abandon the use of boleto bancário (a bar coded billing payment method from Brazil) regarded by individuals and companies as one of the uncomplicated ways to receive and make payments.

But with an increase in the number of bills issued, payments received, and accounts settled, a solution to simplify the many transactions was required. Quadritech opted to invest in the WePayOut Split Billing solution. Why?

The company

Quadritech is a company that provides software for monitoring and control of exams and theoretical and practical lessons for driver qualification that meet DETRAN (State Transport Department) / DENATRAN (National Traffic Departmen) rules and regulations.

In driving schools, the goal is to check the behaviour and technical ability by monitoring the learner driver. Watching their movements in the car, from the use of direction-indicator lights to bay parking.

One of the products that are successful in this regard is Qclass. Lessons are monitored through a camera, tablet, or mobile phone, using biometric and facial recognition as the latest technology, meeting the requirements of Detran and with the advantage of recording photos during the day and at night, with no need for any additional equipment.

What they needed

With the increased demand from driver training centres, there was an increase in the volume of daily billings and the need for guaranteed payment.

“We needed to find a solution that had national coverage, was quick to implement, with no marginal costs, that worked and, mainly, was cheap. In this context, WePayOut came up, solving all these issues presented.”  Said Luis Asmir, Quadritech Managing Partner.

WePayOut Billings offers same-day payment notification, allows for tailored billing, and to be issued and written off via API, with no need for integration with other bank applications and multi-platform registration, return and write-off.

It is also possible to send the bill via a link or PDF, having the balances updated at each payment or write-off. And most importantly, in the case of Quadritech, to bill and pay beneficiaries and partners concurrent with split billing, eliminating the need for another payment or transfer, making the company's daily routine easier.

The results

"One of the concerns was the amounts involved, the flow of it and the necessary reconciliations, fear of losing control and fraud. However, when we realised that WePayOut handled international operations and that they had clients in other parts of the world who were doing similar transactions we needed, we thought: if some foreign companies believe, trust, and operate with them, why shouldn't we, who are next door, and speak the same language, trust them?”

Luis Asmir and Quadritech celebrate the results they have achieved with the WePayOut Billings, thanks to the speed and peace of mind it brings to everyday financial life.

“Today we can say we made the right choice. We feel fully supported both in the technological aspect and integrations with our environments, legally and commercially. WePayOut meets all the national and international safety rules applied to this competitive market, allowing Quadritech to include this commercial advantage in our business.” Completes Asmir.

What will be your company's solution to make payments in a digital, fast, and optimized way? Integration via API or dashboard, optimization of accounts payable routine, timesaving in payments to third parties? You can start by getting to learn about WePayOut:
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