Recently the Central Bank of Brazil and the National Monetary Council (CMN) updated some of the rules for remittances and international transfers. The need for change arose from technological evolution, new business models, and the rise of digitalization. 

By improving cross-border payment processes, the idea is that the market will make way for a more innovative, competitive, and inclusive environment. 

The new regulations recommend broadening the use of payment accounts, including payment institutions in the foreign exchange market, customer/eFX transfers via slips, and more. 

eFX will be able to process remittance payments by acquiring a license from september 2022 but can already process payments of USD10.000,00 per order.[Quebra da Disposição de Texto] 

WePayOut is an international payment facilitator specializing in instant bulk | API payments. Our solutions aid businesses and cross-border payments and billing.  

Learn how WePayOut solutions can streamline your company's finances: 

How it works 

A payment facilitator strives to provide multiple ways of transferring and receiving money as possible, integrating them into one sole system. 

First, you send instructions that must be available via API integration or Excel spreadsheet upload. Next, you choose the payment method (PIX or TED), and from then on, track the status of your payments in real-time. 

For international transactions, the logic is the same. However, it also involves the exchange rate to the Brazilian currency. 

If a payment facilitator is not in the process, companies will significantly face extra work to receive and settleforward funds. It considerably increases the risk of errors during the manual verification process of each beneficiary's account and the progress of each payment. 

Another advantage a facilitator can offer is integrating the billing system into the same platform for making payments, therefore saving your company from acquiring different products for similar needs. 

WePayOut Solutions 

WePayOut offers an extensive portfolio of payment and billing services for businesses. Among the solutions are tailorable payments, bank information validation, instant bulk payments using PIX, issuing of bank slips for billing, among others. 

Our payment solutions aim to increase payment speed, security, reduce costs with fines and interest, and minimize the legal risks arising from these problems with companies and their customers and/or beneficiaries. Not to mention reducing the burden on the customer service and finance departments in cross border payments and claims. 

For international payments, an increase in interest rates can lead to an expenditure above the cap, considering exchange rate variations. Furthermore, errors in the payment process also reduce the company's credibility overseas, impacting potential foreign negotiations. 

Discover our solutions 

Financial transaction efficiency is paramount for companies wishing to expand their business nationally and internationally. Presently, there are many solutions to ensure that payments, receipts, and transfers are simplified and streamline the provision of services. 

WePayOut is an expert in instant bulk payments with transfers completed within seconds using PIX, integration via API, or an Excel spreadsheet. We also provide a complete flow for validating bank data and transfer automation.  Discover all our solutions for international payments and ensure your company's growth abroad!