PIX for companies: why PIX alone cannot solve payment issues?

With the arrival of PIX (the new instant payment method in Brazil), the payment process has experienced transformations, and for the better.  You are probably looking to including the new method in your routine of your payments to Brazil

However, the improvement in the payment routine in businesses cannot stop with instant payments. Even with the application of this instant method, the crossborder payments  department needs to adopt financial flows to avoid transaction failures, reduce the load on customer service areas and increase the number of successful transfers.      

Are you interested in this subject? In this post, we present some solutions that can add to the use of PIX for businesses. Check them out! 

Avoid duplicate, or wrong payments 

Even with the PIX key, payment failures may occur. Here is where the importance of a payment tool like WePayOut comes in. We offer a retry payment procedure and bank information qualification

Our system understands in detail why the transfers have failed and use intelligence in the attempt, choosing the most appropriate method or qualifying the information, if necessary

Do not suffer from cancelled payments due to incorrect errors caused by the whole payment system, rather than inaccurate bank details. You schedule your payments, and WePayOut implements solutions to ensure they reach the final beneficiary's bank accounts. 

Automate the procedures 

Automation is an important ally when managing company payments. In this case, you can use a dedicated tool to manage the high volume of payments to employees, affiliates, suppliers, among other beneficiaries. 

With this automation tool, you can create detailed reports to control the transactions via PIX or other means, follow-up the payment status in real-time, generate a centralized system for issuing and organizing payment receipts, follow up the transaction deadlines, and much more. 

If you do not have the banking details, our platform obtains the beneficiary's information and includes it in a communication flow. These are e-mails, text, and voice messages to collect the correct information and proceed with the payment. 

Rely on WePayOut 

WePayOut is a financial technology company that provides easy, crossborder high-volume payments to third parties. We are pioneers in payments via PIX and have experienced professionals in the payments industry. 

We can help you with a tailored third-party payment solution, regardless of the volume of transactions. Your company makes payments with the assurance that the money is transferred correctly to the final beneficiaries bank accounts

You choose the integration model that best suits your business (integration via APIs or the administrative dashboard). And you can pay beneficiaries instantly with PIX or, if you prefer, via conventional bank transfer (TED). 

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