How a customizable solution can handle the high volume of third party payments

The crossborder payments market has many solutions. But they are often off-the-shelf solutions, and none of them seem to work as you need them to. 

The market is demanding technological payment solutions with API integration, dashboard, and reconcile payments. 

This is due to the different solutions that are constantly appearing to simplify the client’s daily routine. Many are technology-based and need speed and accuracy in the services they offer.      

The demands of the financial sector have also increased. Payment management is more complex and requires more speed to be made and received. 

How do WePayOut solutions help solve these companies' main issues? Below are the answers to these questions. 

The difficulties in having a high volume of third-party payments 

The main difficulties encountered with a high demand for payments and receipts are:  

● low payment conversion; 

● low speed with which they are made and confirmed; 

● high transfer costs; 

● risk of the payment not being confirmed; 

● difficulty in reconciliation 

● lack of transparency in the financial and transactional flow      

Since the primary goal of technological innovation is to ensure more speed and efficiency, companies must rely on efficient payment management for their crossborder payment operations. They can count on WePayOut. 

WePayOut's tailor-made solution 

 WePayOut is a Brazilian fintech specialized in instant payments and focused on payment management. We offer the possibility of pre-validation of beneficiary bank details via spreadsheet or API integration. 

Transfers are made in seconds via PIX (brazilian instant payment method), with the option to retry if necessary. Another solution is split billing. It allows the splitting of values in different wallets and the tailoring of messages on the payment screen. It also allows for real-time monitoring of the entire process. 

Check here other testimonials from technology companies that trusted in WePayOut’s innovations. 

Like many other services, financial operations have undergone important innovations for their performance within companies. With the delivery of products and services becoming faster and more personalized, the product and operations sector needs to follow the same speed and efficiency, involving multiple payers and payees. 

Therefore, WePayOut develops payment solutions to make them even more efficient in using innovative ideas.  

James Delivery, Decolar, Skillcore, Cornershop are examples of technology-based companies using WePayOut's multiple solutions. They are used for ensuring the bank data is correct, reconciled and reduces the burden on the back office. The solutions include the advance of pre-payment bank information validation, instant bulk payment using PIX with API integration. And all the payouts are reconciled and available via API or dashboard. Do you also want to implement technology and innovation in payment management? Learn more about our solutions! 

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