Specialized companies + high-performance teams associated with major banks = success in cross-border operations

Even with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I see that many global companies have turned their eyes to the Latin American payout market, especially Brazil. This is due to the country's consumption potential and its strategic position in the region, along with the strong growth of many sectors of the economy, such as the freelance and delivery market, for example. 

The report published in 2019, by eMarketer, a research website on digital transformation, addresses the retail e-commerces market in Brazil It indicated that the country has the largest market share in Latin America, with more than one third (34%) of purchases in the period analyzed. 

Another example, mentioned in Fernanda Rachel Zago's article, Specialist in Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at WePayOut, discusses the growth of delivery companies in Brazil during the crisis. 

The data presented in the article regarding Brazil is surprising. At the same time that the number of orders has risen by 300%, the number of delivery companies has increased at an absurd rate, which generates a high demand for payments to professionals in Brazil. 

If these and other data make room for additional companies to become interested in cross-border operations to Brazil, the market is proving to be under-exploited by the lack of dominance in this type of flow. 

To operate in Brazil, a market as large as it is complex, five key factors build this value proposition: quality, efficiency, transparency, scalability, and safety

What are the greatest market demands? 

When we talk about payouts to Brazil, most merchants and PSP's have already realized the most important points in this type of operation: quality, efficiency, transparency, scalability, and safety. 

When I present the solutions offered by WePayOut, these same merchants and PSP's are surprised at our ability to offer all these items at the same time. Unfortunately, they were forced to get used, and/or resign themselves, to several deficiencies in the processing of payouts in Brazil, until now. 

We offer quality because we work in continuously improving our platform, with relentless testing and partnerships with safe and reputable banks in the market. Another important aspect is our high performing team, dedicated to solving problems and understanding customer needs to ensure maximum success. 

Efficiency comes from our expertise in cross-border operations to Brazil. Not to mention the technology we offer to make the payment flow more smoothly. This ranges from automatic bank account validation that guarantees up to 90% of approved payments, to same-day processing and a smart dashboard that offers intelligent reporting. 

We offer transparency because right from the commercial proposal, contract, and operation, our platform has no hidden fees in currency conversion or payout processing. 

Also, as WePayOut works using technology that automates the flow of payouts, the potential for scalability is enormous. 

We are a fintech that follows protocols defined by the OWASP Foundation, an internationally recognized system in terms of safety. Also, we are a payment institution verified and audited by the Central Bank of Brazil. 

We have all the structure, know-how, and technology to meet your demands in cross-border payouts to Brazil.  

Great players are coming on board, and now it's your turn. 

Find out for yourself too, how WPO can surprise you.

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