The benefits of choosing a tailor-made checkout for your e-commerce

A tailored e-commerce checkout can increase the sales of your online business. It makes the payment process more user-friendly and secure for customers to make their purchases. 

And there is more! A tailored checkout offers other benefits for conversion and sales of your e-commerce. Check them out, and also learn about Pix Billing: a new solution for your e-commerce checkout. Let us see! 

The benefits of a tailored checkout 

Checkout is a determining moment for online sales. Therefore, retailers who want to provide the best payment experience to customers frequently implement a tailored e-commerce checkout. 

In fact, with an intuitive design, this type of checkout offers several payment options to customers like credit-card, bank slips and Pix (brazilian instant payment sistem). Moreover, it contributes to the increase of e-commerce conversions

However, these are not the only benefits of this solution. Learn below what a well-designed checkout can offer your e-commerce.  

A Better shopping experience 

Improving the customer experience is key to setting your business apart from the competition and increasing sales. For this purpose, it is essential to invest in strategies that will speed up, secure, and simplify the customer journey. 

A tailor-made checkout is an excellent example of this type of resource. After all, it reduces the required steps for the customer to complete the payment and conveys more brand safety and credibility, as it uses the White Label format (it is your company identity that appears on the checkout). 

Reducing cart abandonment 

Lack of security in the payment method is one of the reasons customers abandon their cart. And a general and confusing checkout can lead consumers to feel insecure. 

By implementing a tailored e-commerce checkout, you reduce the problem. For example, by displaying your company brand and security seals, the customer feels safe to input their information and purchase your product/service. 

Increase in conversions 

The increase in the conversion rate is another advantage offered by a tailor-made checkout. After all, it contributes to a better shopping experience for customers and reduces cart abandonment cases. 

In fact, by feeling safe and comfortable during the entire purchase process and finalizing the order, customers also perceive they can trust your e-commerce. It reflects in the increase in sales and the loyalty rate. 

Link for payment 

By using a tailored e-commerce checkout, you also benefit from the convenience of generating a payment link. You can send the link to your customers via email, social networks, and SMS.  

Thus, by clicking on the link, the customer is directed to your company's checkout to pay for the products chosen. From there, they can make the payment and wait for the order to be shipped. 


Pix Billing

Pix Billing is a solution developed by WePayOut to simplify your company's billing process.. Besides offering the possibility to create a tailored e-commerce checkout, it also has other benefits that improve your customers' experience.  

Check them below and be one of the first to use this feature in your e-commerce. 

  • Generation of a payment link. 
  • Instant payment confirmation. 
  • Use of QR Code for receiving. 
  • Similar features as a bank slip ("boleto"), including split billing.   

Register and discover all the benefits that Pix Billing will offer your e-commerce:

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