"I am what I am because you are."  

Of profound significance, Ubuntu conveys a message of commitment and respect for people through actions, ideas, values, and uses in our lives. 

In the business world, Ubuntu relationship means a progressively more sustainable human connection and business partnership. This relationship should promote win-win negotiations and encourage general mutual growth.  

We believe in the concept, and aim to make relationships between employees, customers, and suppliers as collaborative and dedicated as the term "I am because you are." Without a purposeful and collaborative relationship between all the stakeholders, there is no meaning in building one. 

For us, a business relationship should be mutually beneficial.  

A company should not only market a ready-to-use product but also deliver the solution to a customer's problem. 

Business relationships must be established through a cooperative economy. The parties involved in the business must practice the principle of empathy, or customer centricity, that is, to put themselves in the shoes of the other, perceiving the benefits of negotiation. 

This is how we have built up all the negotiations we conduct here at WePayOut. We put ourselves in each other's shoes and focus on problem-solving. We do not measure efforts to make this happen.   

To live in or with Ubuntu is to have a way of life contrary to the destruction of human relations caused by the competition system and to strengthen the contact with people and team development

We practice Ubuntu. What about you? 

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