WePayOut brings another payment solution designed to make your business easier: the WePayOut e-Wallet. With this product, your company can make instant payments easily and quickly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, safely.

In this post, we will explain what an e-wallet is, what benefits it offers, and how WePayOut e-Wallet can help you pay employees, suppliers, and service providers!

How does an e-Wallet work?

The digital wallet, or e-wallet, is like a digital bank account. It allows for transactions to be carried out by electronic means (smartphones, biometrics, QR Codes, and websites) and be protected by encryption and tokens.

This solution arrived in Brazil in early 2018 and is proving to be increasingly relevant.  About 40% of transactions in the country are handled via smartphone. Whereas, throughout the world, this modality of payments and transfers reached up to 70% of financial transactions.

In 2019, the use of e-wallets grew 60%, and experts already state that the trend is for e-wallets to replace credit cards as the main form of payment. 

Among the advantages of e-wallet are:

  • Increased speed for individual or bulk transfers and payments;
  • Passwords being replaced by codes; 
  • Face and biometric recognition; 
  • Possibility of integration with various business and services provider payment systems.

WePayOut e-Wallet

Seeking to offer the best experience to companies and clients, WePayOut launches its digital wallet. With this solution, you can instantly handle a high volume of payments to third parties, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. 

No more headaches, with the collection of bank data and rejected payments, due to wrong data.

Payments are sent to the WePayOut e-wallet within a safe environment, and less data is required from the final beneficiaries. 

https://wepayout.co/blog/en/payments-to-third-parties/You can use the system either integrating it with the API or through the dashboard, like all other WePayOut payment processing services.

To make the payment, all you need to do is transfer the funds to your WePayOut account, which will process the payments and send them to the beneficiaries' portfolios by entering only the Taxpayer ID (CPF), email, or full name. WePayOut will be responsible for opening the digital account and releasing the funds to the beneficiaries.

Anytime the user receives funds sent by your company, they will receive an e-mail informing the balance.

All operations are safe. WePayOut is a participant of the Brazilian Payment System (SPB), offering even more protection for your transfers within an environment approved by the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen). 

Do you want to benefit from this product?

The digital world requires companies to increase efficiency and speed to execute payment operations. With the innovation of e-wallets, the demand for safe and immediate transactions by partners and customers is even greater.

With e-wallets, payments are made instantly and protected by encryption and validation tokens.

Therefore, companies wishing to make their payment systems efficient must be aware of this novelty. WePayOut offers the perfect solution for your business, with instant bulk payments and the necessary safety verification steps, all integrated!

We are making a soft launch for a limited audience. Hence, we can guarantee the best experience for you and your beneficiaries. The full product launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. 

The WePayOut e-wallet is promising. Soon it will bring many other features. The next one will be the possibility to receive funds through instant payments, and therefore, be connected to your payment system also for receipt of funds.

Would you like to learn how and when you can offer instant payments to your beneficiaries' digital wallets? Sign up, and our team will contact you.