Crossborder payments via instant bank transfer (Pix) or traditional bank transfer (TED)

Need to make a large quantity of payments in Brazil? Automate your payments with our API integration. Pay or charge instantly freelancers, streamers, delivery men, affiliates, salaries, refunds, products and services or add our payment link to your e-commerce check out.

Count on WePayOut

Put an end to the technological stress of multiple bank and payment providers connections. A single payment to WePayOut ensures its processing with very high efficiency, speed and cost reduction. With our Dashboard you view payment statuses in real time and reconcile automatically.

Crossborder payments made easy. WePayOut takes care of the FX process. No need to open local entities or contract local bankers.

Process using the instant payments system (Pix)

We offer a technological solution, which can be integrated into your system, app or website via API. That protect your payments from duplicates and has a 24x7 monitoring system, ensuring that payments occur instantly, any day of the week with the same security as always. Make Pix – instant payments for businesses or individuals in a simple and instant way.

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Integrate via API

Get the best of instant payments with API integration. The response of payments occurs almost instantly. Our API resolves from payroll outsourcing to payments to suppliers, vendors, streamers, affiliates, or any other mass crossborder payment to Brazil.

Conversion increase

Modular features ensure reduced load of your back office because of the possibility of data collection, retrying and qualification of banking data.

Conciliated payments

The final statuses wont change. Eliminate the need for integration with multiple payment service providers. The result of payments is provided via API or dashboard as soon as the statuses are changed.


Dashboard for tracking payments and analytical reports with customizable filters. Get information about the status of payments in real time. The transparency and visibility you always looked for.

Sandbox Environment

Sandbox environment for you to perform tests before making the final decision.

Custom payment slips confirmation

Generate customizable vouchers. Add your logo and custom message.

Message on payment

Personalize messages when processing an instant payment.

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