Instant billing collection via bank transfer (Pix) or bank slip (Boleto)

Need to collect funds or issue recurring billing in Brazil? With WePayOut you issue your billings, via Dashboard or API, and you can also customize the layout of your billing slip.

Count on WePayOut

Our instant payment experience makes it possible to design a complete bank transfer collection solution giving you the freedom to choose between receiving via Pix (instant bank transfer) or bank slip (boleto). Also count on a responsive checkout with copy and paste function and put your user's experience on top.

Crossborder payments made easy. WePayOut takes care of the FX process. No need to open local entities or contract local bankers.

Choose the solution that best suits you

Pix QR Code (instant bank transfer), traditional bar coded slip (boleto), payment split, customizable whitelabel layout and dashboard for merchant account management with the API integration you add WePayOut to your check out page and is able to instantly collect funds in Brazil. A better alternative to Boleto and an alternative to customers that do not hold a credit card.

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API integration

Integration via API on your system or website. No need to access banks or multi-platforms for billing collection. The same integration ensures the solutions of payouts and billing.

Split of payment

Split the amount collected and see it on the dashboard in the sub wallet system. You decide which part of the amount goes to you or another beneficiary.

Customizable layout

Customizable and whitelabel layout, with the logo and messages you want. It is already responsive to mobile and with copy and paste function.

Conciliated payments

The final statuses wont change. Eliminate the need for integration with multiple payment service providers. The result of payments is provided via API or dashboard as soon as the statuses are changed.


Dashboard for tracking payments and analytical reports with customizable filters. Get information about the status of payments in real time. The transparency and visibility you always looked for.

Sandbox Environment

Sandbox environment for you to perform tests before making the final decision.

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